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How to know when Minimalism is Becoming Unhealthy

Minimalism can bring a lot of benefits to your life. It reduces the clutter you own, frees up space in your home, reduces stress about losing things and makes you focus more on what’s important. A part of tiny house living is about minimalist living. When you downsize your home, you’ll need to go through all your possessions and get rid of those you can do without. You’ll then need to learn to make do with less space and try to be more conscious of how much you acquire or waste.

This lifestyle can give you many great benefits but there comes a time when it becomes unhealthy. Some people take it too far and begin endangering both their mental and physical health. As such it’s important to recognize the signs of when your taking things too far. Make a mental note whenever you catch yourself doing any one of these things.

Being obsessed with getting rid of stuff

There’s a strange irony to minimalism that many minimalists fail to notice. Many of them feel proud to get rid of their extra possessions and to spend less time acquiring material possessions. The irony is that, like materialists, their still obsessive about possessions, in this case getting rid of them.

It’s good to keep your possessions below a certain level but if you find yourself constantly keeping count of all you have, performing a bi-weekly declutter and always thinking about what you should keep and throw out then you’ve slipped into the dark side of minimalism in great tiny houses for sale in texas. The point of minimalist living is to have less stuff so you have less to worry or think about but if you’re always thinking about what you can get rid of then you’re little better than an obsessive shopaholic.

Being Competitive

There are many people who would be regarded as minimalists by some while others would see them as committing sacrilege by keeping an extra pair of shoes or holding onto a box of old video games. Minimalism looks different to everyone and each person has their own definition of what’s essential. Don’t feel like you need to keep up with the Joneses with how minimalist you feel you need to live.

If you feel sentimental about that old box of video games and have enough space for it then don’t let anyone make you feel like it has to go. Minimalism is not a competition but when you live in a like-minded community of minimalists it’s easy for it to become one.

Getting rid of things you actually need

Part of the fun of living a minimalist life is knowing what you can and can’t do without. That’s different for everyone so don’t let anyone guilt you into getting rid of something you regularly use. If you regularly use a potato peeler but someone else doesn’t don’t think that you should get rid of it just to have one thing less.

Making Life Too Hard

Learning to do with less is great but there comes a point where you begin to hurt both yourself and your finances. It’s a lot easier to live a minimalist life if your single and live alone but if you have a family you need to account for them as well. If you can save more money by buying in bulk at the supermarket then take as much as your capable of storing.

There’s a sad truth about minimalism that many people overlook. In some ways, it’s a lifestyle open to those who can afford it. Families who are less well-off don’t have a lot more stuff because they haven’t figured out they can make do with less, it’s because they don’t have the cushion of good finances behind them. To save money on groceries you buy in bulk, if you can’t afford to have a mechanic do maintenance on your vehicle you’ll keep a toolkit or spare parts for doing it yourself. Try to do with less but don’t endanger your livelihood by getting rid of things that can’t be easily replaced.

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Five Ways That Your Mattress Affects Sleep and Health

Sleeping and waking up comfortably without having to feel tired, numb or aching is all that matters in terms of having a good bed mattress. According to National Sleep Foundation, there are about 95% of people that believes having a comfortable and convenient mattress promotes health benefits.

Investing on a lesser ideal type of mattress might be one of the causes that you won’t be as productive during the day because you haven’t had good sleep at night. So, this means that buying a kind of bed mattress that improves your mind and body as you sleep and live a longer life can put up a higher price tag.

Compared to a wrong type of mattress, imagine stressful days that you may encounter. The causes would be stiff neck, back pain and less sleep. Of course, you don’t want that to happen, to help you look for the right bed mattress and to understand further how it can affect your sleep and health, here are the following reasons.

  1. A new mattress can take away your stress

According to studies, new beds highly recommended to decrease stress compared to old beds, especially if you have your best mattress. Possibly because it can increase sleep quality and at the same time, it decreases pain that associates with a firmer set up. Most likely, with an old bed that is sagging and lumpy you will encounter sleepless nights, aching back and throbbing stiff neck, nervousness and headaches.

  1. Allergic to the mattress

An unclean and low maintained bed mattress is definitely prone to dust mites. Keep in mind that as you are shedding dead skin cells naturally, a host that is found on your bed can lurk in the sheets and mattress of the bed. People with Asthma should have a type of bed mattress that’s suitable for their health condition. It is important that you wash your pillow cases and bed sheets to assure that no dust termites lodging.

  1. Firmness

There is no however a good definition as to what firmness of a bed mattress would feel like. Perhaps, it would depend for each individual as to what softness and firmness means to them. For example, a 189 pounds person defines a soft mattress as firm. It needs to have ample time if you want to have a bed mattress that you can call it as firm and soft. This is why you need to test the mattresses that you opt to buy.

  1. Turning and tossing

If you find yourself tossing and turning a bed mattress it would be an indication that you need to have a new mattress. Perhaps, few springs are sticking out of your back are generally obvious signs of buying a new mattress. If you happened to be no longer sleeping that means, don’t hesitate to look for another.

  1. Bed mattress as your office space

It is undeniable that hitting the hay to sleep is reserved only for its purpose. However, with the modern way of working, freelancers and other type of work that requires to answers emails becomes a hectic job for your brain to work again. This causes to disrupt your sleep which is why electronics and bed time doesn’t go along well with each other.

By the time you have decided to change your mattress make sure that it fits your style and meets your health needs as well.

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5 Best Mattress Toppers On Amazon in 2018

Are you looking for the best mattress topper on Amazon? If yes, we are proud to present you the top rated mattress toppers in January 2018. We hope you will find a good topper for your needs from our suggestion.

Queen Size 3 Inch Thick, 4 Pound Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper (5100+ reviews)

Comfort is the defining feature of this mattress topper. It is made of a 3-inch extra supportive 4 pounds memory foam. It is interesting to see that it instantly make any mattress more restful, comfortable and supportive. Thanks to its contouring ability.

Another cool feature is that this topper is constructed using eco-friendly processes so there is nothing to worry about.

Red Nomad – Queen Size 2 Inch Thick, Ultra-Premium Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper (3724+ reviews)

The Red Nomad understands the science of sleep and this knowledge is combined with unbeatable artistry. The 2-inch Visco Elastic Memory Foam is ultra-comfortable to let you get to sleep faster. The Red Nomad also boast to provide enough support that helps to reduce pressure points that cause pain in your neck and back.

No matter your sleeping style, this topper has the support you need, even for the best latex mattress. What is more about the Red nomad is the advanced cool cycle polymer design that helps to keep you cool night after night. With this mattress topper, you will just say goodbye to sweaty nights.

Dream Foam Bedding DF20GT2050 2″ Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper, Queen (3400+ reviews)

The Dream Foam is made from a soft visco-elastic memory foam that makes it ultra-soft. This feature makes it possible to improve the comfort of a firm mattress instantly. Sleeping on this ultra-soft mattress topper feels like sleeping on the clouds.

This mattress topper is designed to improve the quality of your sleep immediately. Another good feature of this mattress topper is the gel swirl infused with this topper. It plays a significant role in regulating the sleeper’s temperature.

Sleep Innovations 4-Inch Dual Layer Queen Mattress Topper (2100+ reviews)

The sleep innovations is a dual layer mattress topper. the top layer consists of a 2-inch quilted fiberfill layer that provides unbeatable comfort while the base is a 2-inch memory foam that provides a pressure relieving support. So you can easily drift into a sounder and deeper sleep on this mattress topper.

Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper; Queen (1500+ reviews)

One feature that sets this mattress topper from the rest is the responsive suspension that isolates motion transfer. The benefit of this feature is that it distributes your weight evenly so you can sleep without disrupting your partner.

On top of this is an amazing 1.5-inch body conforming memory foam that provides an amazing comfort. In normal temperature, this mattress topper feels a little more firm but softens the moment you lay on it molding itself around your natural curves.

The bottom layer is a 2.5 high-density memory foam that provides adequate support to areas that most need it. This mattress topper is designed to help you sleep luxuriously.


To this end, we hope that you now know some of the best picks on Amazon today and you can choose the right one for you. Any of these toppers is a great choice, however, the 4-Pound Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper earned our editors badge due to its contouring ability and high support that allows you to sleep comfortably. Best luck when choosing the perfect topper for your bed.

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Smart home – what is it and how to do it?


Imagine you are walking out of your house and your light gets switched off, your heater or air conditioner gets turned off and your door gets locked automatically as you step out of your home. That’s exactly what a smart home is. Before you get home from work, your home will be ready to give you a comfortable stay. Your air conditioner will turn on automatically so that you can get into a soothing environment after you come from outside. Your HVAC will be switched on so that you can take a hot shower without waiting for the water to get heated.

How does it work? 

You need to have smart devices to turn your home into a smart home. This device can sense your movement, the light, temperature of sound. They can respond to a command and process information. The home simply acts as if it has got eyes and ears.

How to make your home a smart home?

If you want to make your home a smart home, you will first need to get a virtual assistant. You can choose from Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant. You can talk to these virtual assistants using simple commands, like ‘turn off the lights’. You will then need to choose hardware to control the devices at home. This can be Echo Dot, Google Home, Apple Watch, etc.

In order to control your lighting, you will need to buy smart bulbs. A Lifx bulb has a built-in Wi-Fi connection that helps to receive commands. These bulbs are dimmable, so you can get your preferred intensity of light. You can use a smart plug to control the operation of your fan, electric kettle or coffee maker. For example, your electric kettle can boil water at the right temperature every morning. You can get smart thermostats like Nest. These will control the heat and will switch off automatically when not in use. You can get some apps for the security of your home. You will be able to control your security alarm or locks from your mobile phone.

All these advanced features can make your home a very comfortable place to live in. It will also save a lot of energy as the devices in your home gets switched off automatically. Make your home a smart home today!

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3 ways the Internet of Things are affecting our lives

Internet of Things can affect our lives in many ways. Using this technology the different devices will be able to interact with each other without human intervention. Here are some of the great impacts of the internet of things in our lives.


Your car will give you an alert before your gas level goes down. It will set up an appointment with your mechanic automatically when the next annual auto tune up is due. It will decide on routes depending on the traffic condition automatically. It will vary the speed of the car according to the speed limits of different roads.


It will automatically monitor your vital signs like the heartbeat, blood pressure, etc. It will give a message to your doctor automatically when your prescription runs low so that your doctor can give you a new prescription. If there is any health problem, it will set up an appointment with the doctor automatically.


Your smart refrigerator will be able to tell you when the stock of some of the important food items like milk and egg is running low. It will prepare for you a grocery list so that you can get those things before your fridge gets empty.

In future, we will be able to make our lives even more comfortable with the Internet of Things. Through this technology, we have entered a new phase of our lives. We should take the full advantage of this amazing technology and live in a smarter way.

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Popular iphone apps for sleep tracking

How do you feel when you do not have enough sleep at night? You feel drowsy and find it hard to concentrate on your work for the rest of the day. The tech geniuses have come up with a number of iPhone apps for sleep tracking. These apps will be able to tell you how well you have slept and you will be able to improve the quality of your sleep.

Sleep Cycle

It is a popular app on the App Store. This app is actually an alarm clock that analyzes your sleeping pattern and finds out when is the right time to get up. The sleep pattern of people varies. Some people sleep well at night; whereas, others sleep well in the early morning. The app will analyze these patterns. Then the alarm will go off at an appropriate time so that you feel that your sleep is complete.


This app will help you to get a good night’s sleep. It produces soothing sound to make you feel relaxed. The sound or music can last up to 12 hours. So, you can switch it on when you want to spend some relaxed time at home.


It is a great sleep tracking app. It can record your snoring and other abnormal sounds that you make during your sleep. It can produce calm sounds to help you fall asleep. The alarm will go off before you make a transition from deep sleep to a light sleep. So, you will never feel that your sleep was incomplete.

The app store is full of apps like this to help you sleep better. If you are suffering from sleep problems then you should get one of these apps today.