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Five Ways That Your Mattress Affects Sleep and Health

Sleeping and waking up comfortably without having to feel tired, numb or aching is all that matters in terms of having a good bed mattress. According to National Sleep Foundation, there are about 95% of people that believes having a comfortable and convenient mattress promotes health benefits.

Investing on a lesser ideal type of mattress might be one of the causes that you won’t be as productive during the day because you haven’t had good sleep at night. So, this means that buying a kind of bed mattress that improves your mind and body as you sleep and live a longer life can put up a higher price tag.

Compared to a wrong type of mattress, imagine stressful days that you may encounter. The causes would be stiff neck, back pain and less sleep. Of course, you don’t want that to happen, to help you look for the right bed mattress and to understand further how it can affect your sleep and health, here are the following reasons.

  1. A new mattress can take away your stress

According to studies, new beds highly recommended to decrease stress compared to old beds, especially if you have your best mattress. Possibly because it can increase sleep quality and at the same time, it decreases pain that associates with a firmer set up. Most likely, with an old bed that is sagging and lumpy you will encounter sleepless nights, aching back and throbbing stiff neck, nervousness and headaches.

  1. Allergic to the mattress

An unclean and low maintained bed mattress is definitely prone to dust mites. Keep in mind that as you are shedding dead skin cells naturally, a host that is found on your bed can lurk in the sheets and mattress of the bed. People with Asthma should have a type of bed mattress that’s suitable for their health condition. It is important that you wash your pillow cases and bed sheets to assure that no dust termites lodging.

  1. Firmness

There is no however a good definition as to what firmness of a bed mattress would feel like. Perhaps, it would depend for each individual as to what softness and firmness means to them. For example, a 189 pounds person defines a soft mattress as firm. It needs to have ample time if you want to have a bed mattress that you can call it as firm and soft. This is why you need to test the mattresses that you opt to buy.

  1. Turning and tossing

If you find yourself tossing and turning a bed mattress it would be an indication that you need to have a new mattress. Perhaps, few springs are sticking out of your back are generally obvious signs of buying a new mattress. If you happened to be no longer sleeping that means, don’t hesitate to look for another.

  1. Bed mattress as your office space

It is undeniable that hitting the hay to sleep is reserved only for its purpose. However, with the modern way of working, freelancers and other type of work that requires to answers emails becomes a hectic job for your brain to work again. This causes to disrupt your sleep which is why electronics and bed time doesn’t go along well with each other.

By the time you have decided to change your mattress make sure that it fits your style and meets your health needs as well.