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How to know when Minimalism is Becoming Unhealthy

Minimalism can bring a lot of benefits to your life. It reduces the clutter you own, frees up space in your home, reduces stress about losing things and makes you focus more on what’s important. A part of tiny house living is about minimalist living. When you downsize your home, you’ll need to go through all your possessions and get rid of those you can do without. You’ll then need to learn to make do with less space and try to be more conscious of how much you acquire or waste.

This lifestyle can give you many great benefits but there comes a time when it becomes unhealthy. Some people take it too far and begin endangering both their mental and physical health. As such it’s important to recognize the signs of when your taking things too far. Make a mental note whenever you catch yourself doing any one of these things.

Being obsessed with getting rid of stuff

There’s a strange irony to minimalism that many minimalists fail to notice. Many of them feel proud to get rid of their extra possessions and to spend less time acquiring material possessions. The irony is that, like materialists, their still obsessive about possessions, in this case getting rid of them.

It’s good to keep your possessions below a certain level but if you find yourself constantly keeping count of all you have, performing a bi-weekly declutter and always thinking about what you should keep and throw out then you’ve slipped into the dark side of minimalism in great tiny houses for sale in texas. The point of minimalist living is to have less stuff so you have less to worry or think about but if you’re always thinking about what you can get rid of then you’re little better than an obsessive shopaholic.

Being Competitive

There are many people who would be regarded as minimalists by some while others would see them as committing sacrilege by keeping an extra pair of shoes or holding onto a box of old video games. Minimalism looks different to everyone and each person has their own definition of what’s essential. Don’t feel like you need to keep up with the Joneses with how minimalist you feel you need to live.

If you feel sentimental about that old box of video games and have enough space for it then don’t let anyone make you feel like it has to go. Minimalism is not a competition but when you live in a like-minded community of minimalists it’s easy for it to become one.

Getting rid of things you actually need

Part of the fun of living a minimalist life is knowing what you can and can’t do without. That’s different for everyone so don’t let anyone guilt you into getting rid of something you regularly use. If you regularly use a potato peeler but someone else doesn’t don’t think that you should get rid of it just to have one thing less.

Making Life Too Hard

Learning to do with less is great but there comes a point where you begin to hurt both yourself and your finances. It’s a lot easier to live a minimalist life if your single and live alone but if you have a family you need to account for them as well. If you can save more money by buying in bulk at the supermarket then take as much as your capable of storing.

There’s a sad truth about minimalism that many people overlook. In some ways, it’s a lifestyle open to those who can afford it. Families who are less well-off don’t have a lot more stuff because they haven’t figured out they can make do with less, it’s because they don’t have the cushion of good finances behind them. To save money on groceries you buy in bulk, if you can’t afford to have a mechanic do maintenance on your vehicle you’ll keep a toolkit or spare parts for doing it yourself. Try to do with less but don’t endanger your livelihood by getting rid of things that can’t be easily replaced.

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