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Popular iphone apps for sleep tracking

How do you feel when you do not have enough sleep at night? You feel drowsy and find it hard to concentrate on your work for the rest of the day. The tech geniuses have come up with a number of iPhone apps for sleep tracking. These apps will be able to tell you how well you have slept and you will be able to improve the quality of your sleep.

Sleep Cycle

It is a popular app on the App Store. This app is actually an alarm clock that analyzes your sleeping pattern and finds out when is the right time to get up. The sleep pattern of people varies. Some people sleep well at night; whereas, others sleep well in the early morning. The app will analyze these patterns. Then the alarm will go off at an appropriate time so that you feel that your sleep is complete.


This app will help you to get a good night’s sleep. It produces soothing sound to make you feel relaxed. The sound or music can last up to 12 hours. So, you can switch it on when you want to spend some relaxed time at home.


It is a great sleep tracking app. It can record your snoring and other abnormal sounds that you make during your sleep. It can produce calm sounds to help you fall asleep. The alarm will go off before you make a transition from deep sleep to a light sleep. So, you will never feel that your sleep was incomplete.

The app store is full of apps like this to help you sleep better. If you are suffering from sleep problems then you should get one of these apps today.

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